badassbeerwife Birthday and After work brew 3-1-12

With only about a half hour left to her birthday eve, I planned to take out the badassbeerwife "the better half" with me on my weekly brew night for her birthday! I had thought of this place on the west side of Springfield which is Collin’s Tavern in West Springfield a friendly neighborhood bar with good brews. Upon entering I let the few folks that were in there, know that it was her birthday or should I say she let everybody know and I pointed while they cheered! We both had such a good time and met six or seven people that neither one of us are going to remember their names. The guy I thought was Terry wasn’t he was referring to his roommate called Terrence and I thought he was asking where the terrorist was! As always John the bartender was right up on things. And Chris from the tavern stopped in and a few of the patrons bought the birthday girl a drink. We had conversations of such things as tattoos to concerts to vacation trips, and the two hours we were there went fast and 2 am closing was here. We both knew we would run into them again, and one and all wish each other a good night. Our brews were all from Harpoon Brewing, she had the UFO and I did Celtic Ale, Munich Dark, and IPA, all were excellent.

Celtic Ale pours red/Copper with fair head and lacing that follows down glass. Nose is somewhat sweet of malt with floral notes. Taste is Irish in flavor with a little hop back bone. Collins tavern 3/1/12.

Munich Dark Pours a dark ruby red with little head and falling lacing. Nose is a clean malt with maybe a sweet molasses or chocolate hint? Taste is almost that of a porter but it’s malty wet if that makes sense with a hint of chocolate. Very good and very enjoyable a badassbeer for it’s class. Tap at Collins Tavern 3/1/12

IPA Pours amber with nice head and lots of lacing. Nose is clean with some pine and earthy notes. Taste is of malt with some hop tones to it but on the mild side. Collins tavern 3/1/12



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