After Work Brew 2/22

Where do I start tonight! Let’s go with the good than follow with the bad. My beer club buddy Allen from work said a new place called Kaptain Jimmy’s had just opened a half to three quarters of a mile from the shop and they boosted of having sixty nine taps. He had said they where only open till midnight! Upon my arrival I ask at the door and the guy there said last call was 1:30 and close was 2am so I entered to check the place out. I picked out a seat at the bar and my Server Brittany had filled me in on what was going on there. Which was that they were a part of Opa-Opa and that they had a distillery to make gin-rum and whiskey and opened on Valentines Day? Now Opa-Opa is one of my favorite places and now in a third spot, why not check it out! So I started with their milk stout first then went on to the double IPA. When I found out after returning from looking around and taking pictures that it was not pouring right and she did not have the right glass, which it would be free along with a half of a pint glass of the foam to go with it! I know it’s getting long here but stay with me please. Another girl named Lori had come out and gave her some instructions to make five new drinks with some different concoctions. I tried to help her out with a few suggestions that she liked very kindly And I ordered a sample glass of the apricot beer. After some long conversations I figured it was time to settle up and be on my way. Here’s the bad part upon leaving and going to the light to take a left towards home I had seen a police car Come from that direction and make a left-hand turn. I made my turn to head home and all of a sudden there was a car up on my ass. It turned out to be a police car following me almost half the distance to my house. Well needless to say I was sweating bullets even though I was fairly fine driving. On my next trip there I will find an alternate route home.


One comment on “After Work Brew 2/22

  1. Give the place some time and Tony Rizos ( one of the owners from OPA) will make it right!! I’ve been drinking OPA Beer since ’04 and it’s Outstanding!!

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