Local Brewery and Brew pubs on Saturday

Through tweeter I found Chocolate Truffle Stout was brewing and had to check it out. I set off early Saturday afternoon on a trip to Thomas Hooker Brewing in Bloomfield CT. To taste this brew that is a seasonal for them but I have not yet had! I have visited them yearly in the past, and they keep expanding within their on building. On this visit they had two tap sections pouring and they had over one hundred patrons along with me. I got to sample 5 of their brews and took out a growler of each, the Chocolate Truffle Stout and the Nor’Easter Winter Lager!

Next stop was Granby CT and Cambridge House Brew Pub for a Hoptain America. It’s their double IPA. Taste is all hops, that was most excellent.

I traveled to home to wait for the littlebadass´s mom to get of work, and then take the Badassbeerwife out for dinner.

That would be at Opa Opa Steak House and Brewery Southampton MA one of our favorites, where she loves the Raspberry Lager, and the food is great along with all their brews and it’s close to home! Our server Courtney was marvelous with beer chat and other stuff that we talked about during our visit. I think she was quite taken with us also, and told us to ask for her on our next visit. We left with my usual growler of Buckwheat IPA and King Oak Stout which I’m enjoying while writing this.

The one Brew that stood out was.

Cambridge House Hoptain America pours a light hazy orange with fare head and good thick lacing down glass. Nose of citrus hops and some earthy/malt notes. Taste is all hop at the get go, good bite on the front all the way around mouth and nice after bite also. This is close to a Badassbeer! 100 IBU. 8.4%. At Cambridge house 2/18/12.


Courtney opa opa

One comment on “Local Brewery and Brew pubs on Saturday

  1. thanks for the shout out! It was great meeting you and your wife! I don’t know if your familiar with W. Springfield but where the old billiards place was there is a new billiards place there now and the guy that owns it brews his own beer, he only has one but its a spiced porter its definitely worth the trip for that one beer, its amazing. Cheers!

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