After Work Brew 2-9-2012

My stop tonight was to Smith’s Billiards, after a week off from a foot injury! My last visit there I had found out that Thai the bartender was our upstairs neighbor some 28 years ago. Knowing this I invited the badassbeerwife to go with me, to reminisce with Thai, which brought back some old memories. Enough of that and on to the brews! I started with a Troegs Javahead that turned out to be a good first brew choice. Second was Allagash Hugh Malone and it put a nice finish on our visit there, as it came their 2AM closing? Both brews were excellent and to my tastes should be Badassbeers!

Troegs Javahead pours a deep black with big head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is dark rich of malt with coffee and earth notes. Taste is semisweet of rich coffee and roasted malts almost on the verge of being an imperial. 7.5% served in tulip glass.

Allagash Hugh Malone pours hazy yellow with big head and loads of thick lacing. Nose is all Belgian with big grapefruit aroma. Taste is big Belgian fruity with a real nice hoppy mouth. This is another Badassbeer! 7.8% served in tulip glass.


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