After Work Brew 1-26-12

Just to up date most of you, for me writing this post being a second shifter. Its difficult finding good brew bars that I can get to and have a couple before they close at 2am, then get home and write it or wait till I get up at noon. Well tonight was on exception to the rule, the Tavern Restaurant Westfield had three patrons at the bar on arriving at midnight, and they left half way through my first one. I did get to enjoy an Ommegang Hennepin which was fantastic and then a rushed Stone Arrogant Bastard that I’ve had a few times now but could not pass up. And I’m still trying to find out who made the Blue Collar Ale I had last week, lets see if my brew buddy Chris can find out for me!

My taste write ups

Ommegang Hennepin pours hazy yellow with good head that thins to a short floating layer and follows down the glass along with the great lacing. Nose of citrus and banana with some yeast notes. Taste is on the Belgium side big time, but somewhat wet and dry at the same time with fruit and spice notes. Very Good, 7.7%. Tavern Restaurant 1/26/12

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale pours dark Burgundy with good head that dissipates quickly to a thin haze but plenty of sticky lacing. Nose of malt and some floral/citrus notes in there. Taste is somewhat malty sweet but real big on hop mouth bite. It’s a badassbeer! 7.2%. Tavern Restaurant Westfield 1/26/12



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