After Work Brew 1-19-12

I asked the wife if she would like to go along on this one, and she said yes. Tonight’s stop took us to Collins Tavern, where I spotted a blank harpoon tap handle with Blue Collar Ale written on it. Now that I’m writing this I forgot to ask who makes it well another time! Half way through our second beverage a new beer pal Chris came in and we all got talking and he wanted to buy a last call round. Well no need to twist my arm! The Blue Collar and Harpoon brews I had were all excellent and put a nice end to the Day.

My taste write ups

Brewery ? Blue collar ale Pours deep Copper with fair head and good lacing. Nose is lite of malt and molasses. Taste is sharp and wet of medium roast malts with some mouth bite.

Harpoon Munich Dark Pours a dark ruby red with little head and falling lacing. Nose is a clean malt with maybe a sweet molasses or chocolate hint? Taste is almost that of a porter but its malty wet if that makes sense with a hint of chocolate.

Harpoon IPA. Pours amber with nice head and lots of lacing. Nose of perfume with some pine and earthy notes. Taste is of malt with some hop tones to it but on the mild side.


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