Somewhat unlucky Saturday

I made a quick plan to visit Lefty’s Brewing new digs in Greenfield out, and return with my growler filled with something good to enjoy while watching the Pats game that Evening. Well I should have called ahead of time, but that’s me! I did find their new place with two pickups in the parking lot along with some snow, I knocked on the door but it seemed no one was there. I know there in a new place and maybe have not had time to set up anything yet for visitors. My second stop was The People’s Pint to quench my thirst; their Pied Piper IPA did the trick. So as to return with some Lefty’s! I found that Ryan & Casey Liquors had just what I wanted, a growler of Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. As not to be unfair to the wife, may last stop with two empty growlers was my closest Brewery Opa Opa. The Raspberry Wheat was for her and Buckwheat IPA for me later in the week. While I was there I could not pass up a pint of Winter Warmer. My growler of Lefty’s was great and so was the game, the Patriots won 45 to 10 over Denver, and lets cheer them on all the way to the super bowl!




6 comments on “Somewhat unlucky Saturday

  1. Hi! It’s Melissa and Bill from Lefty’s! We are not open yet for tours and tastings, however we are planning a grand opening soon, probably around the end of March. Please follow our Facebook and website for info to come!
    Sorry we missed you. Please be in touch. 413-475-3449.
    Thanks and hope you enjoyed the Chocolate Oatmeal with your game!
    ~Melissa Forostoski
    Lefty’s Brewing Company
    301 Wells St.
    Greenfield, MA 01301

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