After Work Brew 1-12-12

A small world close to home could be the word for what took place at the end of my brew night, but that will wait for after the brews! My stop tonight was at Smith’s billiards in Springfield where I had chosen for my first one a Mahr’s Christmas Bock from Germany and my second would be a Blatant IPA, which after checking my records I had before but tasted a lot different this time. Now back to the small world. For a time now stopping in here and the bartends name is Thai, I thought that I may really know him from along time ago? Well he had someone that I knew come in, and I over heard him ask about his mom Gege. Now everything started making sense Gege, Hy and there son Thai lived above us in West Springfield some 25-26 years ago. And it did turn out to be him, he said his mom was living in Westfield and dad was in Texas but in Vietnam now for awhile, that’s a small world. I told him I would be back with the wife to reminisce soon.

My taste write ups

Mahr’s Christmas Bock Pours deep dark Burgundy with little head and medium lacing. Nose is of rich dark malts. Taste is deep and wet with malt and some hop bite? Very Good 7.3% 14oz at Smith’s Billiards 1/12/12.

Blatant IPA Pours hazy golden orange with fair head and lacing that follows down glass. Nose is all grapefruit and citrus. Taste is big with hops that blast out in the center of mouth and goes to the nose. This is a Badassbeer! 6.7% 20oz at Smith’s Billiards 1/12/12


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