New Year and Pennsylvania Brews

We tested the new Ford Focus on a ride to Punxsutawney PA, to see the wife’s two brothers and their wife’s for New Years. Her brother John was to play bass guitar along with his band The Ridin Shot Gun, at the Walston Club New year’s eve. I have in the past visited a couple of breweries in the state, and had mapped out our route to see what was on the way. The Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre looked good but looked like you had to sign up for a tour and did not know if they had a hospitality room. With beer sales there a lot different, were you get up to a case at six packs stores or local barrooms, and case lots at distributors. Ellis beer Inc was on the way, so I picked up a case of Stegmaier IPA made by Lion Brewery. During our stop there I had asked if there was a place close by to have a good brew and some late lunch, and they turned me on to Elmer Sudds the place was great. They had just opened and we enjoyed our lunch along with a Founders Breakfast Stout and a Summit Extra Pale Ale. After arriving at her brothers I read about Groundhog Brew from Straub being available and I had to get me some. Seeing our daughter had been born here and we lived here for a short time some xx years ago. With it late on Friday night that would wait till tomorrow. The next day I found what I was looking for at the Ye Olde Stonehouse with the help of her brother Tom, which is a six pack and pizza eatery. I drank one in the heat of passion to taste it and give one away, the rest are going to wait till Groundhogs day, where I will give a good write up tasting then. I did enjoy her brother’s band and several Yuengling drafts, on New Year’s Eve. I look forward to resuming my Wednesday night hunt for good brew after work next week, seeing the holidays have gone by!

I found this link for Elmer Sudds

Lion Head brewing


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