After Work Brew 12/21

I had to stop by and wish my host Chris and Judy one of my favorite bartenders at Tavern restaurant in Westfield, Merry Christmas. To my surprise they had two stouts on tap for my xmas taste buds. Now this was different because they usually have IPA’s on their two rotating taps. I was about to say something but I’m glad I did not have to. I talked to a cook there and he told me that the day cook was the one that picks the brews that go on those two taps, and I told him to send him my compliments, and I would try to meet him soon. My visit I thought would be short, seeing they like to close by 1am, but Chris had announced that the last round was on the house, and wished everyone there a merry Christmas. I choose my second brew which was the Rogue Chocolate Stout, and settled back and talked some more with the customers and staff.

Dogfish Chicory Stout. Pours deep black with good head that dissipates fast and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of rich dark malt with a chocolate or coffee note. Taste is semisweet of roasted malt and chicory with a wet mouth. Very good! 5.2% 12/22/11. Tavern restaurant.

Rogue Chocolate Stout. Pours Black with good chocolate brown head and lots of thick lacing. Nose is sweet of dark malt and chocolate. Taste is wet but dry with a nice pungent chocolate and nice mouth bite from hops I hope. 6.0% 12/22/11. Tavern restaurant.


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