Northampton IPA week

After reading an article from our local pioneer valley Beer Nut, about an IPA event of eight different ones on tap on the fifteenth on December, happening at the Northampton Brewery. I said count me in, but I ended up alone! My other Beer buddy’s were engaged with other holiday events. Well being Saturday I missing the start by two days, I only got to sample six of the eight. My sampling where six once each and I round the last sampler of four off with a rye and a stout. Sampling notes are below and I have to say that all were excellent, and I did get carried away with talking to other patrons around me, and some of my notes went by the wayside. But hay that’s life! If I had to pick two that stood out it would be Blue Boots and the Vaporizer, which is double dry hoped. And I had one hell of a badassbeer day.

Blue Boots “IPA”. Pours a straw color with fair head and short on lacing. Nose is floral with some pine. Taste is East coast with top of mouth bite. 6.1%.

Nonotuck ”IPA”. Pours amber with fair head and lacing. Nose of malt and hops. Taste is that of an English bitter with a nice roof of mouth bite. 6%.

Vaporizer “IPA”. Pours a hazy straw with good head and lots of lacing. Nose of pine big time, “like you where in the tree”. Taste is dry with a fuzzy bite on the tongue. 5.6%.

Pucker Power “IPA”. Pours clear amber with big head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of citrus and pine. Taste is all hops overwhelming every part of the mouth. 6.6%.

Humbug “IPA”. Pours clear amber with good head and loads of lacing. Nose is light with some maybe pine? Tastes Mostly malt with a goo presents. 6.3%.

Black Boots “IPA”. Pours black with nice head and fair lacing. Nose of dark malts like porter. Taste is black IPA all the way. 6.1%.

Imperial Rye. Pours dark amber with good head and nice lacing. Nose of rye malt and some hop notes. Taste is all rye with a nice gentle hop bite. 7.2%

Milk N Cookies "stout". Pours black with chocolate head and nice lacing. Nose of dark roasted malts. Taste is easy and smooth on the mild side but good for a standard for stouts.


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