After work Brew 12/14

A heartfelt sorry to those of my regular blog readers for my absence for a couple of weeks, but I had a minor operation called afib ablation, enough of that story, because I’m back on the Beer wagon. My after work Wednesday night Brew hunt was at Collins Tavern. Where I found not just two but three Harpoon brews on tap, and the third one was on my friend Chris from the Tavern Westfield that had closed and he stopped in on his way home for a night cap. It was a great pleasure seeing him outside his work environment; the conversations seemed not to have an ending, alone with the bartender John smiling and backing up his stories. Well 2 am came fairly quick, and I bid them good bye.

The Brews and my notes all from Harpoon!

Vermont Spruce Tip Barrel #39. Pours a reddish amber color with short head and lacing that follows down glass. Nose is of sweet malt with some pine/earthy notes. Taste is semisweet with big ale mouth feel and some hop back bite.

IPA. Pours amber with nice head and lots of lacing. Nose of perfume with some pine and earthy notes. Taste is of malt with some hop tones to it but on the mild side.

Winter Warmer pours red with short head and some lacing. Nose of spice and malt. Taste has a somewhat bite from the spice or hops but it’s a good malt overall zing.


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