After work brew 10/24

With it being ten minutes to midnight and the start of Thanksgiving, my stop took me close to home at Tavern Restaurant Westfield to wish everyone there a happy holiday, and enjoy a couple of brews. Loran had said she was getting a new car in anticipation of her first born which she seemed very happy about, and Chris and Judy where also in a good mood having Thanksgiving off and I had just missed the owner John. The two brews I had on tap and my review are below!

Weyerbache​r Winter Ale pours a dark ruby red/brown with nice head and good lacing. Nose of semisweet dark malts with fruit notes. Taste is semisweet of dark fruit and wet with a little zing on the mouth. 5.6%

Green Flash West Coast IPA pours a darker amber/gold in color with big fluffy head that settles down and follows the glass along with the thick lacing. Nose is big on hops with fruit and piney earth notes. Taste is big on hop mouth bite with a sting on the roof and all around. Another Badassbeer at 7.3%


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