Long drive with good brew endings

I had taken a trip to Jay NY to close up my brother’s camp that I donated stem cell to, too fight off his cancer. Well I did my best to enjoy every moment of a very nice Saturday with a stop at Olde Saratoga Brewing to see Dan and Kim, and if you know me by now I had empty growlers, three to be exact. Found out they were doing a contact brew for Fishermen’s Pumpkin Stout for Cape Ann Brewing Co it was delicious, but it was their last keg and would not fill my growler with it. I enjoyed most of my favorites and got my growlers filled with Mendocino Red Tail Ale and Oatmeal Stout along with Olde Saratoga IPA. Dan had asked me if I wanted to try a very nice IPA so I said sure, and he came back with something from the back room called Hurricane Kitty for Keegan Ales which I been and had before. It’s a much different IPA from the norm and you would have to taste to see why. Now I know they make it I will fill a growler on my next stop! By the time I got home it was 10pm, so I talked the badassbeerwife in to going to our local Four Main Street Bar and Grill to have a couple. The BBC Lost Sailor IPA and Magic Hat Howl where both very good, and the owner John had opened a bottle of Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale and handed me a sample which was most excellent, I will have to get one to enjoy soon. And one final note here for my stem cell brother start drinking beer it could cure you!

List of contract brews at Saratoga http://www.oldesaratogabrew.com/contractbrews.html



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