After work brew 11/16

I’m not a regular where I stopped tonight, but I know John the bartender at Collins Tavern is going to have his hands full. They were a strange mix, like they were still on a tear, and I had just got out of work on second shift. Well I had hoped that they had one of my winter seasonal favorites on tap, and it turned out they had. And that would be Harpoon’s Winter Warmer; it would not be a festive holiday season without having a few during this time of the year! my second was a Smuttynose porter on this rainy cool night.

Winter Warmer pours red with short head and some lacing. With a nose of spice, nutmeg I think? And rich malt. Taste has somewhat of a bite from the spice or hops but has a good malt overall zing.

Smuttynose Porter pours deep black with fair head and lots of lacing that slides down glass. Nose of dark malt but on a light side. Taste is all dark malt with nice big malt and some hop mouth bite?


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