After work brew 11/10




At Smith’s Billiards seeing what’s new and I’m starting with something on the mild side first. Which is High and Mighty XPA. With the music from down stairs not so loud this visit, I’m enjoying my brew! Second choice is a Sixpoint Gemini Imperial IPA which is the right way to top of the night!

High and Mighty XPA pours yellow/amber with short head and some lacing. Nose of little hints of floral and earth tones. Taste watery light wet hop mouth with little after bite. A good summer session brew! 5.0%

Sixpoint Gemini pours a hazy orange with minimal head and lots of lacing. Nose of citrus with pine on the light side. Taste smooth on the first hop bite than a nice linger all around the mouth, more hop bite than most imperial IPA’s! This is another Badassbeer to and to the list. 10.0%.

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