Not the average Brew Day

Today I started out on a hunt with empty returns in hand for what would be the elusive Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and found out it was a week late in delivery. I did enjoy a Smuttynose Porter while doing some shopping. After supper we traveled to Four Main Street Bar and Grill hoping to have an aged BBC Maibock but it was consumed during the Nor’easter. But I did get to enjoy Red Hook Long Hammer IPA, BBC Steal Rail, and a Magic Hat Hex “ourtoberfest”. But the good part of the story starts here; I met a guy named Gary from back east near Boston like me, but now lives here with property in Westfield and Southwick and works for our local Super Phipps package store. Well he’s a much younger me with high hopes and we talked about opening a Brewery in Westfield with maybe a satellite brew pub in one of the hill towns close by. He was every enthusiastic about all the ideas we had thrown around and he gave me a renewed look at life and anything can be possible. I’m hoping to hook back up with him and further our hopes and dreams.

IMAG0014 IMAG0015 IMAG0016

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