Trick or Brews before Halloween

Trying to beat the Nor’easter we made a trip to Four Main Street Bar and Grill for lunch just as the storm was starting Saturday. We enjoyed our lunch and a couple of brews which where a Harpoon Octoberfest and BBC Steal rail and I’m kicking my self for missing the BBC Maibock that the own John had been aging. The Little Badass was with us and had a mixed drink of sprite and coke, which pleased him just fine. We headed home before the storm got any worse, and with in a short time had decided to forge my way alone by way of the truck to fill three growlers for the snowy weekend at Opa Opa. On my way, there was now enough snow that they had started plowing and some tree limbs along the way where falling down, some times in the road. Staying just long enough to fill the three growlers with the wife’s favorite Raspberry Wheat and mine Buckwheat IPA, the third one I choose was their Oktoberfest, that I had not had as of yet. It turned out to be fantastic, and one of the best I’ve had so far! Now I could litter the page with a story about the drive home with the snow falling much faster and the clean up and snow blowing the next day and power outages to a half million people around us and no work for me on Monday, but I won’t. I will just say it was a stormy winter Halloween weekend, and I tried my best to have some good Brews.

Here is a video which has almost nothing to do with beer except some of it was shot at Four Main and the rest is Snow. A four letter word to a lot of folks!

IMAG0685 IMAG0687 IMAG0691 IMAG0692

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