After Work Brew 10/20

My destination was Smith’s Billiards on a wet rainy night. The music was so laud from Theodores on the ground level that the floor shook, but I didn’t let it interfere with my brew tasting. There was a bigger crowd than usual; it kept Thi the bartender busy. But all were having a good time. Tonight was the first time I had seen printed sheets of what was on tap there rather than asking or reading the board that doesn’t have everything on it. I know the pictures are dark but I did not want to use the flash and bother people.

The Stone Levitation caught my eye first; it pours brown in color with nice head and good lacing. It has a hop and malt nose to it. Taste is somewhat wet malty with big hop mouth blast. I have not had anything from them that I didn’t like! 4.2%

Second was Sierra Nevada Ovilia pours a reddish color nice head that settles quick. Nose of sweet malt and some fruit in there? First taste is stinging the tongue with Belgian flavors of malt and some fruit to it. But was very good it’s a badassbeer! 7.5%

My short video can be seen here


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