The End of Camping

The camping season for us ended this last weekend. The wife is still having back problems and had more tests for Tuesday. So that meant I was on my own closing and winterizing it. I will tell you that after climbing on the roof to fix broken vent cover and general clean up and tying everything down I’m sore and tired. But in some way I’m looking forward to resuming stuff on the house and some more restoring on the 77 ranchero!

I did stop before hand on the way to camper at The Olde Forge, may be the last time this year! And enjoyed their wings along with two beverages listed below. They were so busy Saturday afternoon that the owner Kirk was helping pour brews!

Weyerbacher Autumn Fest pours copper amber with nice head that dissipates quickly and good lacing that follows down glass. Nose is of malts with somewhat of a farm smell. Taste is European and malty.

Stone Double Arrogant Bastard pours dark Burgundy with big head and lots of lacing. Nose of strong heavy malt and alcohol. Taste is over the top heavy and strong like a barley wine.


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