Four Main Street fifth anniversary

Saturday I opened a growler of Opa Opa Buckwheat IPA and other than enjoying it and a gloomy afternoon at the camper with the little badass; it was a fairly laid back day! Oh I did have a Narragansett Fest lager with super and it was terrific.

Sunday late afternoon on our trip back toward home, we stopped in on Four Main Street Bar & Grill. They were having a celebration for their fifth anniversary with give a ways music and specials. Shanna the bartender mixed a special non alcoholic drink for the little badass; I think she took a liking to him! And why not he is my grandson so I know he’s got some of my genes in there somewhere. The wife saw the Shipyard Pumpkin head tap so you know what she had. For me there was an almost plain white hand with a silver or gold spear in a clear top section. I asked and was told Harpoon IPA, so I had it. They had someone playing saxophone for the music, but we did not stay long enough for give a way or food this time.

Thanks go to owner John for running a great place for wonderful food and dam good brews. And thanks to Shanna for taking the mystery out of the Harpoon IPA that I was having on tap, and telling me it was 100 Barrel Series #37 Rich & Dan’s Rye IPA. It was most excellent and I’m starting to like rye much more! Plus we met Shanna’s boy friend Kevin, who is like me and loves visiting breweries. I hope to get together with him again.


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