After work brew 9-21

Our after work outing this week took us to smith’s billiards. With Dan and Tha following me they made it but I thought Mike would be with us but he must have got lost? While enjoying our brews we talked about a lot of things some illegal or explicit I won’t write any of that here! Well they could only stay for one so I suggested the Allagash White, which they thought, was a little light but I knew the IPA’s and Stout’s would not be for them! The brews that I had and write ups are below.

Stone Double Dry Hoped Ruination pours hazy amber with big head and lots of lacing. Nose of grapefruit and some earthy notes in there. Taste is big on mouth bite and plenty of after linger tingle. It’s a badassbeer for sure.

Dog Fish Festina Peche pours hazy light straw with a fair head that dissipates fast. Nose is somewhat clean but with a fruit like scent. Taste is sour like green apples that stays in mouth for a while. It’s real different but I liked it!


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