Beer the Big E and Lake Placid

With Friday off from work, I had a heavy agenda for this 3 day weekend with plenty of miles to it. Well let’s get started at the beginning. It’s Friday September 16th and it’s the opening day of the Big E which has plenty of beverages that I like. Being a veteran it was free admissions for me this day. Not being quite lunch time my stomach was growling and I made my first stop the Vermont buildings were Long Trail has been pouring brews sense Catamount brewing went out of business. I tried a few samples before deciding on the black IPA it was great. After listening to a concert of the Legendary Teenagers and looking around, we had some late lunch and headed to the Opa Opa tent. We sat down out back were they had set up tables to relaxed and enjoyed their brews; we had Raspberry Wheat and IPA. After the fair we headed towards Olde Saratoga NY to fill our four growlers for the weekend. Our sample tastes and growler fills were Coney Island Lager and Oatmeal Stout, Eye of the Hawk, and Blue Heron all from Mendocino Brewing. We then drove to Jay NY to see my oldest brother that had cancer and I donated my stem cells for. After a very good visit and some fly fishing Saturday we headed back toward home after lunch on Sunday. We stopped at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery; this would be our very first visit to their establishment. Started out with the six 4 oz sampler of CJ’s Honey Rye Ale, Moose Island Ale, 46’er Pale Ale, Lake Placid IPA, Bruce’s Brown Bag Ale, and Ubu Ale. That was everything they had on tap at the time and we choose the 46’er for my better half and I enjoyed a pint of the IPA. Setting out side with a view of Mirror Lake and enjoying our brews we questioned a couple that drove up in an old triumph that had been to Stowe VT for a British car meet, and they sat down and joined us. I do believe their names were Pat and Ed and they were from Shirley MA, we had a very good conversation with them but all good things come to an end and we all had lots of miles between there and home. It was a member able weekend!


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