After work brew 9/14/11

Westfield tavern was my stop tonight with my fellow workers and me still sick or don’t want to drink “except for me”! I was greeted by a couple of guys “that I noticed their motorcycles outside” said here’s trouble! Oh yea then some with the bad ass with a thirst. Chris made his way over to me and asked what I would like tonight and I said the Racer 5. After my first sip I could see why our local Beer Nut George Lenker has it tops on his list. I know I’ve had this before but it was just ok, but that was from a bottle. And this time it was on draft it was all together different this time, it could have been that I was thirsty? I will say this, being a regular IPA if that is what it is it’s definitely a Badassbeer. They wanted to close quickly and there was not time to enjoy another one. But I could not remember if I had had the Stone Double Black IPA that was on their list? So Chris had hooked me up with a sample. Yes I had it on my last visit two weeks ago. Well thanks go out to the folks at the tavern for having good brews.

We will see if next week I have 3 others with me on my trip? Notes on the brew are below.

Bear Republic Racer 5 pours amber with fare head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is of grapefruit with some floral notes. Taste is big on hops with good mouth bite and lots of linger I mean it even starts coming out the nose! “The smell I mean not liquid”!


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