After work brew 9/7/11

My follow workers where sick or something so I was on my own tonight! I decided to stop at Collins tavern and ask John the bartender how he made out with the girl from two Weeks ago. He told me that she came in last week looking for me and he had text her that I was there! Ha Ha funny but He at lease got her phone number! They had Harpoon Oktoberfest pouring and l know that I’ve just had it but wanted it again. It tasted better this time because my taste buds are ready now for the new season. They also still had Oscar Blues Dale’s pale ale which is starting to be my favorite Ale even though it tastes like an IPA at 60 some IBU’s!

Let’s see if next week I have 3 others with me? Notes on the brews are below.

Harpoon Octoberfest pours amber brown with little head but nice lacing. Smell of sweet malts and some hops on the nose. Taste is bitter with bite from hops and malty. Pretty good!

Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale ale pours amber with a fair head and nice thick sticky lacing all down the glass. Nose of malt and pine! Taste is somewhat mouth biting with a lingering on the roof of mouth. Very very good!


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