Weekly after work brew stop! 8/31/11

I stopped close to home at the Westfield Tavern this week and chose the Stone’s double Black IPA. It caught my eye and was the new brew on the list. Well I have to say that I was the only patron at the time and being thirsty I ordered it up and stuck up a conversation with Chris the manager about all sorts of things. This night it seemed like they were not in a hurry to close quickly and Chris twisted my arm and I had one more which was a Sam Adams Octoberfest. It’s pale in comparison to the black IPA but write ups will follow! But to the young women bartender that told me her name and I forgot now and she had told me a story about her car wreck. And that she was to pick up her new one at noon the next day and could not wait! I will try to write your name down and remember the next time. And stay tuned next week or the one to follow I think I have another guy talked into coming out, so that would make four of us and growing?

Stone’s double Black IPA. Pours dark ruby black with big head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is Clean and sweet of malt and hops. Taste is a mouth full of over powering hop bite with it still lingering for a good while. It’s another badassbeer and the list is getting big! 10.8%.

Sam Adams Octoberfest. Pours Dark copper color with a nice head and Good lacing. Nose and Taste of sweet caramel with some nutmeg or other spice in there? Will do a better write up next time before my taste buds get wrecked? 5.3%

tavern 8-15-11IMAG0282

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