Weekly after work brew stop!

Where do I start? About the beer I’ve had or the story about the people at the bar. Well the brews win out first! I eyed the taps and found Dale’s Pale ale that I have had only from a can. Pours amber with a fair head and nice lacing. Nose of malt and pine! Taste is somewhat mouth biting with a linger on the roof of mouth. Very very good! Second up was Harpoon Pumpkin Ale that I had a couple of weeks ago but want another. Pours orange straw with little head and follow down the glass lacing. Nose of pumpkin and spice. Taste is almost like moms pumpkin bread with a nice mouth bite.

Now for the story! When I walked into Collins Tavern the only people there were the bartender and one patron. After receiving my brew I thought better drink up before last call, but within ten minutes or so a dozen or more people had come in. The three people that sat to my right at the bar where two young ladies and guy in their mid twenties. I could not help over hearing some of their conversation and you know me I had to join in! Now the young lady next to me had told me that the couple she was with had puppy love and did not think that she would find anyone. I tried to assure her that it would happen for her and told her the short story of how I met my wife of forty  years now while going out with a couple of other girls. She said that I was a player and I told her that I was just looking for the right girl for me and call it what you want. The bartender had over heard some of the conversation and seemed interested in the girl, so I tried my best to get them to hook up? But it was a nice night when you can enjoy a good brew or two and have a nice conversation with people around you. My brew was finished and I bid them good night and will have to ask the bartender how he made out on my next visit!


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