Wandering Star Block party

Arrived at the event about 1pm and some parts of this block party or should I say most of it were still being set up? As in the past I always ask how I can help and most of the times it’s “everything’s all set”. But do I listen? No! After a while I helped myself to a couple of plastic glasses and the wife started filling them from the taps in the wall of the cooler when I was taking pictures.

First time I got to talk to Chris the brewer and owner. I had told him that I told as many people as I could about what was going on. Then found out it was a charity thing at $15 per person for five good pours of his brews and food. All proceeds going to diabetes research and Octoberfest of Pittsfield to get it off the ground.

Chris and a helper were hooking up the taps for the brews and cooking chili. While O’Laughlin’s Pub was cooking burgers hot dogs beans and tuna salad and taking care of contributions and giving out tickets for what was going on.

This turned out to be a combined thing between Wandering Star Craft Brewing and O’Laughlin’s Pub which are about 150 feet away from each other on Gifford Street. And both places are located on a one block distance of route 9 Merrill Rd Pittsfield MA. It was a fair turn out with about 20 – 35 people at any given time during the event “not counting band members”.

We imbibed some great brews of Wandering Star and had food for most of the day with bands playing through the event. First band was Guitar and Accordion Collective the second band I did not get their name but they were from the block with the guy that had the 71 Ranchero from the corner house, and Distopic from Albany NY. All of which topped out the day at this great and hopefully to return block party.

I got to converse with members of Distopic and their fans, a metal band which was a first timer for me, and enjoyable, and other during the day. Chris’s wife Shannon and son Alex along with plenty of others in attendance there, all seemed to be having a real good time.

The Block party ended about 9-9:30 and after helping with some clean up. I bid the Distopic’s, Chris and one of the second band members from the corner house that owns a 71 ranchero, and told him when I get my 77 going I will pay him a visit? Good bye.

And for those of you that did not show up you missed one hell of a Badass time.


One comment on “Wandering Star Block party

  1. It was a badass time! Enjoyed talking with you at the end of the night!

    Remember: Saratoga Race Track Battle of the Brews on August 26!

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