Weekly after work brew

It worked out this week with a couple of guys from my shop. We arrived at Collin’s tavern and Dan and Tha were with me that the Harpoon Pumpkin Ale was the one to try, I though it may be a little early this year but it was worth a try. We talked about this, that, and sports and Tha which Dan made out to be a light weight was ordering another! So now I know he was up to it and now I’m wondering about Dan. But we also had another one, but this one would be the Harpoon Munich dark for the both of us. After finishing our brews we went outside and almost had a pissing contest! “Well they both had to go bad”. But they did decide that they would like to do this again at least once a month with me. So the planning begins?

Harpoon Pumpkin Ale pours orange straw with little head and follow down the glass lacing. It has a nose of pumpkin and spice. Taste is almost like moms pumpkin bread with a nice mouth bite. Very good for this still being summer!

Harpoon Munich dark it’s a Munich Type Dark Beer pours dark black color with little head. Dark malt tastes, that are close to a porter, but smooth with a little bite. Clean rich malt nose to it. Very good!

Sorry there was no post last week I was on vacation!

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