Weekcation days 5-7

Wednesday at camper finished growler of Wandering Star Bash-Bish-Bock, then started on the IPA from Olde Saratoga. Took remainder of it home so we could feed the cat after 4-days gone.

Thursday would be a travel day for our family meeting at stone camp in Penfield PA. Stopped for a late lunch at Sticks and Stones in east Stroudsburg PA. I enjoyed a couple of Yuengling drafts with the meal, from America’s oldest brewery. When we arrived at stone camp I found that they had a keg of Straub pouring. Which was a nice surprise, and enjoyed a few with our diner and evening set around and talk time?

Friday was Clearfield Fair day and there is no alcohol served there but that was ok with me. It is a very nice fair with lots to do there. After the fair on the way back to stone camp we stopped at Quigley’s Pub in Clearfield. Had a snack along with a pint of Yuengling which is a tasty lager.








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