Weekcation day 3 Wandering Star Craft Brewery

Ours visit started with a call after looking the number up on the internet for Wandering Star. The person that answered was the owner Chris. And said that he was brewing and I was more than welcome to come. But just open 40 days now that he had no glassware yet so bring clean growlers. I did alone with a pint glass for samples.

Upon arriving at 11 Gifford St in Pittsfield, I found they’re building with a large garage doors open at both ends, “he did say on phone it was a little warm there”. After entering I noticed three taps on the wall of a large cooler room and went in a little further and Chris and his daughter were working at racking of what they had brewed, Which was their Bash-Bish-Bock.

It was great meeting Chris and helping some, but I tried to stay out of the way. I got a chance to talk some in-between his brewing and cleaning. Well after about half hour or so I told him he looked like I could use a beer! He told me to help myself the taps we’re over on cooler wall.

During our visit his wife and young son had come by and we meet them. I had told them all that it was nice that a brewery was back in operation in Pittsfield. And that their hospitality for us was greatly appreciated.

I do need to say that they are into brewing and there is nothing fancy about their place. Meaning there’s no hospitality room or tasting room yet and don’t know if there will be in the future? They did show us a good time and I don’t think they would turn anyone away that wanted to check them out!

Brews we had tried were Mild at Heart which is English dark mild ale, Raindrop Pale ale that is their flag ship brew and I can see why it’s great! And last was our second favorite Bash Bish Bock. All of these brews are over the top on flavor real tasty.

On Saturday August 13th they will have a Block party during the day with burgers. And goes up to O’Laughlin’s Pub on the corner of the street! Let’s all make a good showing and welcome them to the area and enjoy their delicious Brews.

Thanks Chris for letting us stop by again and I know you will have a bright starry future.

To check them on web http://www.wanderingstarbrewing.com/main.html


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