Weekcation day 1

After a late breakfast and then completely waking up to the fact that we are on vacation. We then started thinking about the ride to old Saratoga brewing to get those growlers filled. On my last visit there I was alone and Kim missed the better half. This time they got to visit? They had a new brew called Irish something Celtic maybe they were brewing it for Harpoon? It was ok but big strong straw/hay smell and taste that I could of got use to! But out of four growlers we had we got two filled with Imperial Barley Wine. This is one that I got on my last visit and the wife plus neighbor liked a lot along with me and at 11% you have to watch out for this one! The other two were Eye of the Hawk one of my favorites and IPA which they had none of on my last visit. All of them are the Mendocino brews that they make for the east coast. We are back at camp and started on the barley wine and the wife is taking a nap by eight pm! The barley wine pours deep red for color. Nose is of strong malt but clean in character. Taste is also strong with a bit of hops or alcohol? It is a badassbeer that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside! That’s why I love these little bastards for making very good brews.


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