Weekly after work brew stop #3

I thought everything would pull together and I would have a couple of guys from shop with me, But no that did not happen. Well one had car problems and did not make it to work, and I talked to the other and said we would try tomorrow? So it could be a two stop week we will see!

So see I was treated well on one other stop and keep with my new tradition of stopping on Wednesday. I choose Westfield Tavern and choose the Stone IPA.

It pours hazy golden/amber with nice head and lots of lacing. Nose of citrus more on the grapefruit side, with an earthy/pine note. Taste is almost over biting but just right with a nice lingering all around the mouth. It is one of the better standard IPA’s in my book! Very good and as usual on tap! 6.9% ABV on sign on wall and it had to be 70+ IBUs.

After checking their taps I wanted to kick myself for not trying the Port Brewing IPA. But after having the Ruination IPA I had to try this one out. And who knows my guys at work might pull out on me tomorrow and then I can stop back and try it on my own.


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