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July eBrewsletter
Don’t miss DRAFT’s 99 Amazing Beer and Food Experiences or the opportunity to create your own with our Grill-Out Giveaway!
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99 Beer and Food Experiences

99 Beer and Food Experiences

We’ve found 99 delicious ways to have your next beer: Beside a sausage? Inside a cupcake? Frozen as a slushy or sloshed in a stew? We promise you won’t go home hungry.

Selling the Session

Selling the Session

After years of "bigger is better" beers, a few breweries are entering the market with low-alcohol versions. Writer Joe Stange investigates: Will American drinkers go wild for mild?

Shandies in the Shade

Shandies in the Shade

An old-timey mix of lemonade and beer gets a new spin as brewers concoct their own versions. Try your own at home with our recipes here.


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