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Published: Monday, July 18, 2011, 10:44 AM

clip_image002By George Lenkermasslive.com

The Roost at the corner of Market and Bridge streets in Northampton

Believe it or not, there are aspects of writing this column that I hate.

You may roll your eyes and wonder what possibly could be the downside of writing a column about beer, for God’s sake. But there are a few facets of the job that I’m not particularly fond of and I’m engaging in one of them today: Publicizing something that seemingly only a few others and I have known about.

There’s nothing quite like being privy to what amounts to an open secret. Some things hide in plain sight and when you realize very few others are taking advantage of this information, it’s a pretty sweet thing. In this case, I’m writing about The Roost’s beer selection and prices.

A few months ago, I mentioned that The Roost—a new breakfast/lunch/desert eatery at the corner of Market and Bridge streets in Northampton—also carried a small selection of really good brews on tap. The venue, which has garnered a reputation as somewhat of a hipster hangout, actually has a diverse clientele. I mean, I go there, and I’m about as hip as plaid pants. (Wait, are plaid pants hip now? I can never keep up with this stuff.) Anyway, my point is that the customers are of all stripes.

But it appears, to me, anyway, that one segment of is largely missing from its clientele: craft beer drinkers. And given The Roost’s selection and price points, that seems odd.

Granted, there are no fewer that three great craft beer establishments within a two-minute (or less) walk from The Roost: Paradise City Tavern, The Dirty Truth, and The Sierra Grille. The Northampton Brewery is about a long par five away as well. So its understandable that a new place that doesn’t put craft beer front and center like those places do might fly under the radar.

But get this: The Roost has been selling Lagunitas IPA at $3 a pint for months now. And the prices of some of its other beers are great, too: People’s Pint Wheelman’s Wheat for $4 a pint and BBC Steel Rail Xtra Pale Ale at $3.50. Other prices—such as Left Hand Milk Stout for $5.50—are not bad either.

Adam Dunetz, who owns The Roost with his business partner Robyn Goodmark, told me he plans on keeping some of his beer prices low for the foreseeable future as a way to attract customers. Of course, running this information in today’s column may cause a run on certain beers and force Adam to change his mind. So I hope writing this piece today does not cost me the opportunity to buy a pint of Lagunitas IPA for $3. But it’s a risk I had to take in the name of spreading good news about craft beer.

But it’s still an aspect of this job I hate.


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