Weekend camping life

Friday night and out of work at 11:30! Off for home to change, and take the better half off to camper. On the way we saw that 4 main street Bar & grill in Huntington was still open. We stopped in and I had BBC lost sailor IPA, I ordered Sierra Nevada Summerfest for the wife. Talked to the owner John about a few things then headed to camper. “He wants to let people know on line what on tap!”

Saturday I tried to talk the wife into going on a growler run to Olde Saratoga. But she had plans to socialize at the wings in heaven event at camp ground. So it was lonesome me on the loose again.

Upon entering Olde Saratoga Brewing I met up with Dan who runs the place. After getting my first sample I had asked him about Kim and he told me she was gardening. Long and behold a few minutes later she walked in from her chores in the front of the building. I had a lengthy conversation with the both of them and found that a private party had just finished up. And another one was to start shortly at 6pm. Kim was disappointed that the wife had not come. I promised to bring her in a couple of weeks when we are on vacation.

My picks for the four growlers I had for refilling. First one was Imperial Barley Wine then Imperial Stout and Eye of the Hawk, all from Mendocino brewing. “This is the place that brews their stuff on the east coast”. I found out that they were doing a contract brewing for Southampton Publick House. And it was the Double White Ale so that was the last growler filled, all of which are great.

It is Sunday afternoon now and the Southampton Double White Ale growler is dead but not forgotten. And I have started on the Eye of the Hawk which I had opened yesterday. But will be cooling it for the ride to home after supper. And the better half has just said we should stop at 4 main for diner on the way! With this great weather and brews I’m wishing I was on vacation now.

tap handles a four main


Olde Saratoga hospitality room


Olde Saratoga empty kegs


Camping Life!


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