Weekly after work pit stop

I’m about to embark on a weekly post of stopping and write a review of my weekly pit stop! It’s hard finding places that are opened when I get out of my second shift job.

This week’s stop was Westfield tavern, in downtown Westfield MA. I found Stone Ruination IPA on tap. Pours hazy amber/ tangerine in color, with big head that settles down quickly but lots of sticky lacing on glass. Some Malt and big earth/citrus hoppy nose! Taste is a ruination of the senses! My kind of mouth biting that lasts all around even into the teeth and gums for a long while. It’s a Badassbeer for sure!

I need to say that upon entering and only seeing 4-5 people at the bar, I had asked if they were still serving. One of the tree wait staff told me yes so I eyed the tap handles and sat in front of them. It was an enjoyable one and out for home for left over supper from the refrigerator.

Next week I will surpass the informality and just write details of my stop!


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