Lagunitas tasting

It’s Saturday and the better half alone with little bad ass and I went for lunch and some minor provisions from camp. Well I’m not going to mention the other things that we were looking for except my beer hunting. Which starts this story about stopping at liquors Inc in Pittsfield?

Liquors Inc is not a big place but has a fare selection of beer wine and liquor. With signs for all kind of stuff all over the place, my attention was drawn to Lagunitas for some reason that comes to me. It was my latest Email from Portsmouth brewing about having the only eight kegs on the east coast along with their CFO and they were pouring as of the seventh.

Well I have had some of their stuff but it had been awhile, so I grabbed a six of the Little Sumpin Sumpin that was being taped at Portsmouth brewing and six of Maximus IPA. And back at camp opening the Sumpin first and tasting it if I could kick myself in the ass for not leaving work two days ago and driving there to have it on tap, and this that I had was in bottles and fabulous. “I’m now thinking about calling in sick on Monday and hoping they haven’t gone throw eight kegs”.

Back to the story! And I want you to know that it’s after midnight and I am on my second Sumpin while writing this. But this brewery really knows what they’re going! Thanks to the beer gods and today’s events that lead me on this path of beer wisdom.

These are my notes! And get out and try them out before you kick your own ass.

Little Sumpin Sumpin ale pours amber with nice head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is sweet malty and somewhat citrus hoppy. Taste is somewhat the same with a nice lingering after taste in your mouth. This brew is just a pleasure to imbibe and is a badassbeer! 12oz bottle 64.20 IBU 7.5 ALC. 7/9/11.

Maximus IPA pours amber with good head and plenty of lacing on glass. Nose of sweet malt and straw/hay hops smell. It’s hard to tell on the taste it’s that almost like hoppy mouth bite but it’s smooth like a double IPA. These little bastards got it right! This is another badassbeer! 12oz bottle 72.41 IBU 8.2 ALC. 7/9/11.