Anniversary 40 and still drinking

It was a gorgeous Day off from work. We went to Opa-Opa for lunch the Belgian white was pouring which made me very happy. Steak and cheese grinder was big enough to feed two and was great! My second was one of my favorites Buckwheat IPA.

The better half and I enjoyed each other’s company for a good while. But it was time to fill growlers of the two that I had and get on with other things. Which turned out to be mowing and yard work?

Seeing it’s been raining and or the weekend and we are at camp or work! That chore kind of gets neglected along with a few others I won’t mention!

But it’s always nice to have an extra day off of work and spend quality time with my love. And Opa-Opa brewery and steak house is a great place. And it’s just around the corner for us in Southampton. But hold on the price of growler refills went up from $5.99 to $6.99 which I think is still fare for a half gallon of fine beer! 



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