Sierra Nevada best of Beer Camp series

Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp series 2011. Where else to enjoy these fine badass brews! Well at camper!

Worth the $19 for the twelve pack sampler of four.

My notes are as follows!

Beer Camp series Double IPA. Pours a cloudy amber with short head and good lacing. Nose of citrus and floral smell and some what plastic? Bitter hop mouth with after bite that lingers on back of tongue. Also has a some what alcohol mouth feel in there. This is #4 out of the sampler and it’s hard to pick one as my favorite! I guess it would be all! 8.5% ALC. 6/12/11

Beer Camp series Juniper Black Ale. Pours deep black with big fluffy chocolate head and an over the edge sticky lacing. Very pleasant heavy nose of sweet dark malts with hint of chocolate and java notes. Smooth heavy dark malt mouth with more of a mild chocolate taste then coffee. This is #3 and all great so far! 8.0% ALC. 6/12/11

Beer Camp series Weizenbock. Pours very hazy golden orange with good head and very nice lacing. nose is heavy in citrus aroma. Taste is also heavy of hefewizen flavors but really airy. This is #2 of a twelve pack sampler I can’t wait to try the others! 6.8% ALC. 6/12/11

Beer Camp series California Common. Pours amber color with average head and lacing that follows down glass. SemiSweet malt nose with some floral back ground. Heavy malt taste with some alcohol on the mouth and plenty of airy bubbles. This is pretty dam good! 6.5% ALC. 6/12/11


2 comments on “Sierra Nevada best of Beer Camp series

  1. Bought a 12 pack of this from my corner store bretheren last Saturday night 6-11-11. Good stuff. Heavy, tasty beers. We have Sweetwater 420 here in Atlanta; great beer. Also, Terrapin out of Athens, GA. Superior beer. I buy alot of Terrapin and Sweetwater. Have always bought Sierra Nevada products as well. Excellent products.

    • I also go though 2-3 cases of theirs per year! I enjoy the anniversary and celebration ales. If they were to make the beer camp ones year round, I would enjoy more of their products! We in New England have a great number of local micro brews. The one closest to me is Opa Opa in Southampton Ma. They make some excellent brews like your locals do and it’s only $5.99 for growler refills.

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