Mendocino Brewing Talon

Talon pours a dark reddish copper color with a nice head that dissipates, and some disappearing and following down the glass lacing.

Taste is a bite on the mouth of barley malt and crisp alcohol is what I would call it, which I like, and it lingers for awhile all around the palette.

Nose is of sweet malt, and caramel with maybe raisins and other stuff in there.

Very good! This is a badassbeer! I enjoy and love barley wines! 10.5%ABV. 6/5/2011

Had from a 22oz bottle from Olde Saratoga Brewing. Which is their east coast brewing and is only an hour and 15 minute drive from my camp site at Berkshire vista resort here in Hancock Ma?

This bottle had been cellaring in my basement for about 10 months

Old Saratoga brewing is one of my favorite spots to visit “about 4 times each summer”. It is a medium size bar room attached to the side of the main brewery, where you would think you’re not far from home at your own local place! All sample tasting is almost free! They would like something thrown into the tip jar. Run by Dan and Kim with other helpers.

Most growler refills are $7 and your sixth is free. When I go I take quite a few of them with me! Check them out here


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