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Bob Marley at The Inn on Peaks Island


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Show starts at 8:00pm.

Dinner service under the tent starts at 6:00pm.

Tickets only $20!

Purchase tickets in person at The Inn, by calling (207) 766-5100 or email Paula at

The Inn on Peaks Island 33 Island Avenue Peaks Island, Maine

Maine Craft Beer Comes to Boothbay!Your Image

Saturday, July 30th

1:00 – 4:00pm

Boothbay Resort

301 Adams Rd., Boothbay, Maine

Cost: $50

Purchase tickets through Brown Paper Tickets.

Ticket price includes beverages, traditional southern BBQ and parking. A special commemorative tasting glass will be given to the first 400 purchasers.

Join twenty Maine brewers in Boothbay for an afternoon of craft beer sponsored by the Maine Brewer’s Guild with special guest Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

Founders, owners and brew masters will be in attendance, creating a more unique experience than a traditional beer festival.

Rare, special and single batch beers will be featured among the brews being poured at this event in scenic, coastal Boothbay, including a special brew created just for this event.

21+ Event. No pets. Rain or Shine.

Read the full press release here.

Australian International Beer Awards

Pugsley’s Signature Series Smashed Pumpkin wins the Bronze Award for Hybrid Beer Packaged!

Los Angeles County Fair

Double Old Thumper wins the Bronze Award for English-Style Strong Beer!

Shipyard Brewer’s Brown Ale gets Honorable Mention for English-Style Brown Ale.

Readers’ Choice!

Down East readers once more raised their mugs to the Shipyard brews and voted Shipyard beer

Best of Maine! Master Brewer Alan Pugsley’s signature brews include: Old Thumper, Export Ale, Shipyard IPA, Summer Ale and Longfellow Winter Ale.

Smuttynose & Portsmouth Brewery Email

June 2011


News from Smuttynose
& the Portsmouth Brewery

Dear Badass,
It’s 57 degrees and raining as I type this.
I’m only highlighting that nugget of data so that I can tell you to ignore it. Regardless of what the weather is doing, it’s officially summer. For most people, this is the busiest time of the year. While you’re dashing around from the cookout to the Little League game and to the campsite, please keep these summer time suggestions in mind.
-Wear sunscreen
-Always have a keychain opener handy for emergencies
-Wait 30 minutes after eating before you swim
-Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, especially when you’re drinking, no one likes being hungover or dehydrated.
-If you camp or hike, make sure you find a tick-check buddy.
-Take some time to enjoy local produce. There’s nothing better than fresh sweet corn for dinner or a fresh green salad.
-Take a beer trip to visit a different brewpub, beer bar or brewery. Most people reading this news letter should be able to make several stops in one trip with a small amount of planning.
Thanks for taking your time to keep up with Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose. We wish you a safe, fun and beery summer!

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Smuttynose Tours are Fridays at 3pm and Saturdays at 11am. Our tour lasts about an hour and a complimentary tasting is included. Please call ahead (603-426-4026) for groups of 8 or more.
Portsmouth Brewery Tours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 3pm. Visitors will receive a coupon for a half-priced sampler paddle.
Now, for some housekeeping. We don’t want to clutter up anyone’s inboxes, so we cull our mailing list from time to time. If you don’t wish to receive this newsletter, please click on the unsubscribe link at the top of this page. (Not clicking "confirm" doesn’t automatically unsubscribe you.)

Portsmouth Brewery News

Notes from the Mash Tun

An unofficial second 20th Anniversary beer will be hitting the taps very very soon. Tod and Tyler dug back into the deepest archives of the brewery to find the earliest ale recipe that Peter brewed back in 1991. The result is Retro Pale Ale, an "old school " pale ale brewed with two malts (2-row and C-77) and two hop additions, Cascade for bittering and Willamette for aroma. Original brewer Peter Egelston was on hand to assist with the brew and share some old school insight.

Ginger Ninja– This new Tyler Jones beer will be a 6.5% IPA brewed with Magnum, Cascade, Sterling and Centennial hops. In order to avoid "just-a-catchy-name" syndrome, real ginger will be included in the brew.

July 4th Weekend will see the return of our annual "Red, White and Blue" draft line-up. This means Murphy’s Law Red Ale, Belgian Style White Ale Brewed With Spices*, and Bluebeery will all be on tap at once.

Juergen Buhrmann, Plant Manager at Weyermann Malting in Bamberg, Germany, visited us on June 8 to brew a batch of German Oatmeal Stout we’re calling Juergen’s Joss. Tod met Juergen when he visited Weyermann two years ago and brewed a few beers on their pilot system. Now you can meet him yourself:


The Portsmouth Brewery/Weyermann Malt Collaboration Beer: Juergen’s Joss

Continuing the German theme, we’ve also got a refreshing Kolsch lagering away in our cellar.

* Our Witbier needs a new name, one less lengthy and less boring. Please send your suggestions to Tod and Tyler.

20th Anniversary Updates
Our three large celebrations were incredibly festive. We saw regulars and new faces, former employees and family members. Everyone seemed to have lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We’d also like to thank WXGR, The Dodgerz, DJ Ryan Obermiller, and Dave Talmage and the Bed Head Bluegrass Band for entertainineg everyone. We had lots of fun and we hope you did too.
The weekend celebrations were a departure from what we normally do at Portsmouth Brewery. In addition to partying, the hip-hop show and the bluegrass brunch allowed us to take a trial run hosting special events, which we plan to host more of in the near future. The next one will be a listening party for a new sound system that’ll be installed in the LaPanza Lounge. The installation an party take place towards the end of the summer. As always, we’ll keep you posted as we have more information.

How to Get Your Message in Front of 12,000 Eyes


The New Bulletin Board

We average about 6,000 visitors each week and we figure that most of them use our restrooms while their here. That means roughly 12,000 eyes will pass our new bulletin board. These 18 square feet of virtually untouched cork are just waiting for signs, fliers and other announcements to be seen by our patrons. This is where you come in.

If you’ve got an announcement you’d like displayed, please stop by and give it to the manager on duty. That’s it. There’s nothing more you need to do.

New Weekly Specials

So you’ve enjoyed the Shaker Pot Pie for quite sometime or maybe you’re regularly in for Friday’s Seafood Stew, but some of the glitter has worn off. Fear not dear readers, New Weekly Specials have been tested, work-shopped and are ready for your enjoyment.

Here’s the list:

Monday: Veggie Moussaka– Baked eggplant, beer-braised lentils, caramelized onions and mushrooms sauced with Asiago cream and tomato sauce and served with sauteed potatoes

Tuesday: Rosemary-Grilled Lamb– A pair of Old Brown Dog-marinated shoulder chops accompanied by lemon butter, chick pea fritters and fresh vegetables

Wednesday: Duck Vindaloo– Duck thighs braised ’til fork-tender in a spicy-hot garlic curry, served over basmati rice and presented with chutney and a pappadum

Thursday: House-Smoked Salmon Salad– Cured, hot-smoked salmon with capers, herbs and mayonnaise served over local greens, cucumbers, roma tomatoes and garlic croutons with mustard-ale vinaigrette

Friday: Cajun Grilled Catfish– served over saffron pappardelle pasta, with andouille sausage, bell peppers, fresh tomatoes and a Blonde Ale sauce

Saturday: Rainbow Trout– Fresh rainbow trout stuffed with fennel, orange and fresh thyme and roasted, served with piperade potatoes

Sunday: Roast Pork Borinqueño– A platter of fall-apart tender pork shoulder with braised red beans, crispy fried plantains and arroz con pollo.

Small Plates
-The subterranean Jimmy LaPanza Lounge opens at 11:30 on Saturdays and Sundays and its one of the best places to cool off during a sunny day in downtown Portsmouth. The full menu is available, including the new Weekly Specials.
-We’ve recently updated our webstore, with some new merchandise, including 20th Anniversary glassware and Dickies work shirts.
USA Today ran a feature on 10 Great Brewpubs for Father’s Day weekend and we made the list! Boston beer writer Andy Crouch helped with the piece.
-We’re also proud to tell you that, the Huffington Post’s food and drink section, recently ranked the Top 150 Bars in America and named Portsmouth Brewery as the "Experts’ Pick" in their brewpub section. Arguably the best bit of the piece was bartender Anthony’s excellent moustache which took center stage in the photograph.

Downtown, Underground Food Specials

Weekly Specials Downstairs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge…


Cheap Chicken Wings – a half dozen for $3; a full dozen for $5.


Cheap Chicken Wings – a half dozen for $3; a full dozen for $5.


One Dollar Taco Night – Tacos filled with your choice of shredded chicken, ground beef or vegetarian for a buck a piece.


One Dollar Meatball Sliders


Parking Violation Night and $2 Dogs- if you bring in your parking ticket and a payment, we’ll mail it for you and give you a pint. We offer tofu pups and large hot dogs, with buttered and toasted buns and a range of toppings including chili, sauerkraut, relishes and mustards.

Smuttynose News

Enter the Homunculus


Our newest Big Beer release, Homunculus, is also the first beer brewed in our Short Batch series as well as the first beer to get promoted to a 22-ounce bottle.

Like the label text says above, Homunculus is a hoppy Belgian-style golden ale. A special Belgian abbey yeast left an alcohol content of 9.9% abv. The grain bill is very simple: 2-Row, Weyermann Carahell, and some cane sugar to lighten the body. Bravo hops are exclusively used for a moderately aggressive 45 IBUs while all the late boil additions are Sterling.

So far so good, but Homunculus’ real moxie comes from its dryhopping. We infused 150 barrels (4650 gallons) with 176 pounds of Nugget hops and 264 pounds of Sterling hops. That’s nearly 3 pounds of hops per barrel of beer! It’s safe to say that you can expect an aroma explosion when you finally get some in your glass.

What is a Homunculus? There are several different definitions that come from psychology, alchemy, and preformation. The word itself is Latin for, "little human." As you can see from the label art, we were captivated by the preformationist usage of the term. The name was discovered during a brainstorming session. We didn’t want to call the scaled up brew by its original name, so out came the thesaurus. We saw "homunculus" was a synonym for "gnome" and the rest, as they say, was history.

We’ll be shipping Homunculus in mid July. If you’re afraid you won’t get enough and you live near the brewery, the you might consider joining our Big Beer Series Subscription.

Robust Porter Makes it to the Bottom of the Cereal Box Twice; Shoals Pale Ale Joins In for One Trip

We’re fortunate to have won some medals in competitions recently.

Robust Porter, a beer that’s starting to seem like a prize magnet, was recently named Grand Champion at the Winter 2010-2001 US Beer Tasting Championships. Farmhouse Ale was the runner-up in New England’s Belgian-Style Ale category.

Robust Porter and Shoals Pale Ale both won gold medals at the inaugural Cleveland International Beer Festival. Porter Claimed top prize in "Porters and Stouts" while Shoals took top marks in "English Pale Ale."

These medals have been a great boost going in to two of the biggest annual brewing competitions, The Great American Beer Festival and The Great British Beer Festival. Please rest assured that we’ll let you know if we are recognized at either of these prestigious competitions.

A Duo of Short Batches

Our Short Batch Beer releases are pretty irregular. So it’s even more unusual when two batches are ready at the same time, but that’s the case in July.

First up is the barrel-aged variant of Short Batch #10, the Belgian Stout. We released a small amount of Belgian Stout back in September of 2010. The majority of this batch is being released now. We had recently packaged the Ry(e)an Ale for Julio’s and were left with eight lightly used American whiskey barrels. In the meantime, Charlie had a Belgian Stout homebrew recipe that had been burning a hole in his pocket. From there, everything else just made sense. The beer that was leftover after filling the barrels, was carbonated and kegged-off for the September 2010 release while the majority of the batch went to its oaken hibernation chamber. Nine months later, those barrels have yielded just twelve 15.5 gallons kegs and seventeen 5.16 gallon kegs. Their final destinations have yet to be determined, but all the kegs have left the building and are on their way to wholesalers.

SSB #10.2 Stat Box

Malts: 2-Row, Carawheat, Munich, C-120, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Brown Malt

Hops: Magnum, Glacier

Other Ingredients: D2 Belgian Candi Syrup

Starting Extract 19° Plato

Finishing Extract 4.2° Plato

50 IBU

8.3% ABV

The second July release is Short Batch, #12, and it’s brand new. "Noonan" is our black IPA. A tribute to Greg Noonan, who passed away in October of 2009. Greg worked to change the state laws so he could open Vermont’s first brewpub, The Vermont Pub & Brewery, in 1988. He also wrote several style guides and served as a mentor and guide to many other New England brewers. Greg also brewed the first Black IPA with his assistant Glenn Walter, in the mid 1990’s.

In addition to sending one firkin of this new beer to London for the Great British Beer Festival, we’re packaging the rest in some combination of 15.5 gallon and 5.16 gallon kegs. Noonan will begin shipping in early July.

SSB #12 Stat Box

Malts: 2-Row, Crisp Pale Ale, C-60, Aromatic, Black, Carafa II

Hops: Magnum, Bravo, CTZ

Dry Hops: 44# Nugget, 44# Glacier

Starting Extract 15°Plato

Finishing Extract 3.2°Plato

75 IBU

6.5% ABV

Olive Goes to Utica

These days, college students aren’t the only people saying, "Hey, we need more beer!"

Last week saw the shipment of a batch of Old Brown Dog, brewed at F.X. Matt Brewing Company in Utica, New York, the first of four batches scheduled through the end of 2011. The Utica-brewed Brown Dog will be put in six packs, twelve packs, and 1/6 barrel kegs. Regular Smuttynose drinkers will notice a slightly different look, with a full-wrap neck label and more square bottle shoulders. 1/2 barrel kegs and bottles for Variety Packs will still be brewed at Smuttynose in New Hampshire.

Off-site production of Old Brown Dog became necessary due to unprecedented demand for Smuttynose beer. "We didn’t have enough tank space to brew everything we needed, but discontinuing brands or pulling out of sales territories were never options. After some analysis, we decided that this was the best solution," said Greg Blanchard, Head Brewer. Blanchard cited the ease of transitioning the beloved brown ale’s recipe to another brewery, as well as its consistent ordering pattern as the main reasons for placing Old Brown Dog into the capable hands of Matt, which produces beer on behalf of many other craft breweries.

In addition to the Utica-brewed Brown Dog, a sizeable portion of 2011’s Pumpkin Ale will come from Matt’s copper brewhouse. Pumpkin Ale should begin arriving in stores in mid to late July.

Public Hours

Summer is busy season on the Seacoast, as tourists from around the world visit our quaint, seaport town. Lots of these visitors stop by Smuttynose as well.

We offer tours on Fridays at 3pm and Saturdays at 11am. If you’re in the neighborhood when we’re not offering tours, we want to remind you that even though our production floor is too busy to safely give spontaneous tours, we do still have a few minutes to say hello and help you with any merchandise or beer shopping. We do have one of the best selections of bottled Big Beers in the area.

Views From The Trenches



Peter and NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen at EXNH in Washington D.C.



Miss Dixie von Trixie and Pat Fondiller helm the Smuttynose Float in the 2011 Mermaid Parade. photo by Jim Kiernan


B-Cap and Face of Fate rock the mic at Portsmouth Brewery’s 20th Anniversary Party


Four of the Five 20-Year Veterans of Portsmouth Brewery: (L to R) Peter Egelston, Gale Merrigan, John Merrigan, and Brennen Rumble. Not Pictured, Donna Marcotte

Upcoming Events

Wednesday July 29- Smuttynose Beer Dinner at The Holy Grail Pub in Epping, NH. $30 gets you five scrumptious courses and all the Bill Harris time you could want.

Sunday July 3- Smuttynose Backyard BBQ at Black Dog Smoke House in Urbana, IL. Celebrate America’s independence with a roasted whole hog and delicious sides.

Saturday July 9- Smuttfest at Novare Res, Portland ME. We’ve commandeered Novare’s draft lines and beer engines and they’ll be filled with vintage Short Batches and Big Beers. This may also be your last chance to taste Hanami. Everything starts at 3pm.

Sunday July 3- Smuttynose Backyard BBQ at Black Dog Smoke House in Urbana, IL. Celebrate America’s independence with a roasted whole hog and delicious sides.

Friday July 15- Smuttynose Tasting at Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont, MA. New guy Joe Grotto will be offering samples of the Granite State’s finest at one of Boston’s craft beer specialists.

You can find more information and other Smuttynose events on our events calendar.

Welcome Aboard

We’ve recently added some new team members. Jason Saucier and Jake Brooks have both recently joined our bottling line. In addition to regular packaging duties, Jason will be running our labeller.

Tyson Demurs will be joining the Smuttynose team after splitting time between Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery, where he ran their bottler. Tyson was featured in the Kate the Great bottling video.


Anniversary 40 and still drinking

It was a gorgeous Day off from work. We went to Opa-Opa for lunch the Belgian white was pouring which made me very happy. Steak and cheese grinder was big enough to feed two and was great! My second was one of my favorites Buckwheat IPA.

The better half and I enjoyed each other’s company for a good while. But it was time to fill growlers of the two that I had and get on with other things. Which turned out to be mowing and yard work?

Seeing it’s been raining and or the weekend and we are at camp or work! That chore kind of gets neglected along with a few others I won’t mention!

But it’s always nice to have an extra day off of work and spend quality time with my love. And Opa-Opa brewery and steak house is a great place. And it’s just around the corner for us in Southampton. But hold on the price of growler refills went up from $5.99 to $6.99 which I think is still fare for a half gallon of fine beer! 



Sierra Nevada best of Beer Camp series

Sierra Nevada Best of Beer Camp series 2011. Where else to enjoy these fine badass brews! Well at camper!

Worth the $19 for the twelve pack sampler of four.

My notes are as follows!

Beer Camp series Double IPA. Pours a cloudy amber with short head and good lacing. Nose of citrus and floral smell and some what plastic? Bitter hop mouth with after bite that lingers on back of tongue. Also has a some what alcohol mouth feel in there. This is #4 out of the sampler and it’s hard to pick one as my favorite! I guess it would be all! 8.5% ALC. 6/12/11

Beer Camp series Juniper Black Ale. Pours deep black with big fluffy chocolate head and an over the edge sticky lacing. Very pleasant heavy nose of sweet dark malts with hint of chocolate and java notes. Smooth heavy dark malt mouth with more of a mild chocolate taste then coffee. This is #3 and all great so far! 8.0% ALC. 6/12/11

Beer Camp series Weizenbock. Pours very hazy golden orange with good head and very nice lacing. nose is heavy in citrus aroma. Taste is also heavy of hefewizen flavors but really airy. This is #2 of a twelve pack sampler I can’t wait to try the others! 6.8% ALC. 6/12/11

Beer Camp series California Common. Pours amber color with average head and lacing that follows down glass. SemiSweet malt nose with some floral back ground. Heavy malt taste with some alcohol on the mouth and plenty of airy bubbles. This is pretty dam good! 6.5% ALC. 6/12/11


AIDS Foundation of Western Massachusetts to Host Beer Tasting Event

The AIDS Foundation of Western MA (AFWM) is excited to announce its first Beer Tasting to be held on Friday, June 17, 2011 at “The Deuce,” the World War II Club in Northampton, MA. The event will run from 4:00-8:00 p.m. Savor a variety of samplings from local brewers and learn new ways to enjoy your favorite beers with pairing demonstrations. The evening will also include live music by Jeffro Wyda, raffles and more. Light fare will be provided.
Tickets may be purchased for $25.00 each, and include a keepsake and entry into the raffle.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit or contact the AFWM office at (413) 301-0955. Please make checks payable to The AIDS Foundation of Western MA (AFWM, 1168 Main Street, Springfield, MA 01103).

Participating Breweries
Paper City, Element, Berkshire Brewing Company, Long Trail, Peak Organic, Clown Shoes, Magic Hat, Sierra Nevada, Harpoon.

Road to Cooperstown Beer Tasting

A fund raiser will be held at the Westwood restaurant. For Westfield Terminators Baseball team to compete at the 2011 Cooperstown dreams park tournament. Friday, June 17, 6-9 PM.

With a $25 donation and what the choice of brews are is unknown! I would say that it will be local Distributers like William’s Distributing and Commercial Distributing Co. bringing a good sample of what they distribute? It would be nice to have local brewers Opa Opa or BBC there!

They will also have food and live music that is included for the donation. Along with raffles to raise more funds for their trip!

For those of you that will be in the area of Westfield Ma. Come down and root them on and see what kind of a good time we can have! Hope to see you there.

Info on Westwood


Mendocino Brewing Talon

Talon pours a dark reddish copper color with a nice head that dissipates, and some disappearing and following down the glass lacing.

Taste is a bite on the mouth of barley malt and crisp alcohol is what I would call it, which I like, and it lingers for awhile all around the palette.

Nose is of sweet malt, and caramel with maybe raisins and other stuff in there.

Very good! This is a badassbeer! I enjoy and love barley wines! 10.5%ABV. 6/5/2011

Had from a 22oz bottle from Olde Saratoga Brewing. Which is their east coast brewing and is only an hour and 15 minute drive from my camp site at Berkshire vista resort here in Hancock Ma?

This bottle had been cellaring in my basement for about 10 months

Old Saratoga brewing is one of my favorite spots to visit “about 4 times each summer”. It is a medium size bar room attached to the side of the main brewery, where you would think you’re not far from home at your own local place! All sample tasting is almost free! They would like something thrown into the tip jar. Run by Dan and Kim with other helpers.

Most growler refills are $7 and your sixth is free. When I go I take quite a few of them with me! Check them out here