Adult, minors charged in alcohol purchase

Once again there’s not much that gets by our Westfield police department!

WESTFIELD — An apparent attempt to procure alcohol for minors resulted in criminal charges Friday evening after a city police officer observed a person exit an Elm Street bar in response to an apparent request from a person who appeared to be a minor.
Officer Daniel Gustafson said that shortly before 10 p.m. Friday, he observed a vehicle that was stopped near an Elm Street bar and occupied by five youths, all of whom appeared to be under 21.
Gustafson reports that he observed an occupant exit the vehicle and approach the bar where he tapped on the window, apparently attempting to attract the attention of a person in the bar.

Gustafson said he then observed a male party exit the bar and, after speaking with the party who had tapped on the bar’s widow, get into the waiting vehicle. Gustafson reports that he fallowed the vehicle when it drove to a

Franklin Street liquor store and observed the person who had left the bar enter the store.

A few minutes later, Gustafson reported, the same man exited the store with a large package which he placed in the vehicle’s trunk.

Chechile said he then fallowed the car when it drove to an Orange Street parking lot and parked.

There, the male adult walked back toward the bar he had left and Gustafson approached the vehicle, where all five occupants were found to be younger than the legal drinking age.

The operator produced the package Chechile had seen placed in the trunk at the package store. The five occupants admitted that the alcohol, two large bottles of vodka and a 40 ounce bottle of beer .had been purchased on their behalf.

The man who had been with the minors was interviewed and acknowledged that he had purchased the alcohol for the minors.

He was advised that a criminal complaint for procuring alcohol for a minor would be filed. The occupants of the vehicle were transported to the station, and their parents were advised to come and take custody of their children.

A criminal complaint of being a minor in possession of alcohol was filed against each of the five children.

Taken from the Westfield Evening News! Wednesday May 27, 2011

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