On my own

With the wife off and Little Bad Ass with his mother enjoying a baseball game, I ventured out on my own. With two growlers in hand and a hunger for both food and brew I set off for my closest brewery Opa Opa in Southampton. Also having good news about my recent stem cell donation for my brother with his battle with cancer, there’s a good reason for celebrating. I took a seat at the bar where it was about three quarters full along with the dining area. With their Belgian white praying on my mind seeing summer is almost on us, well it was not on tap! I had chosen the Buckwheat IPA one of my favorites there and ordered their steak and cheese grinder. Well the Buckwheat IPA is a pleasure to imbibe; it’s just right for the pleasure centers, and not over bearing. The grinder was enough for two, so the other half will be enjoyed for lunch the next day. I left with a growler of Buckwheat IPA and Honesty 47 Pale Ale for the cellar and lunch for tomorrow and feeling pretty good with life. I am writing this while finishing off an unmarked growler of IPA that I had opened up last night from the cellar. I have to say cellared brews are very good; just keep better records for what’s in your growler!

check picture out! just about everyone’s doing something about cancer!