Old Forge and birthday

The Old Forge where else to be on your birthday. Well there could be countless places but this is close to camper! I love their house wings “just the right heat for me” and 17 rotating taps are great. The brews I had were BBC Saint IPA it was almost done by the time wings came. Bear Republic Heritage Ale “Scottish Wee Heavy” it was heavy enough for the wings, and Southampton Biere De Garde for desert with my b-day cake that the wait staff brought out and sang to me. I just love this place it’s one of my favorites. Back at camp the wife had to take a nap, which was good for me, I got some alone time. I am now a member of the Yankee University I have the glass to prove it! It was a gift from my daughter and little bad as”. I am about to use it for a bottle of Brothers’ Reserve Cherry Oak Doppel Bock that I have cellared for a while. I’m also going to enjoy it next to a fire in our new fire ring!


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