T-cell donation is over

My 4 days of shots and then 3 days of more shots and t-cell collections. Where I laid still in bed for 9 hours per, hooked up to machine for my brother with cancer! A total of 3.17 million cells were collected is over! After visiting with him we headed toward home with a brief stop for a good brew. Seeing I had not had anything in 2 weeks, I choose CBC in Cambridge and ordered the Spring Training IPA and something to eat. Before finishing it I could tell I was getting fucked up, so we got a growler of Tall Tail Pale Ale and headed home. Opening that growler at home it took me till Saturday at the camper to finish it. I had a 22oz bottle of Gritty’s Black Fly Stout that made Saturday evening enjoyable. It’s been since Thursday, and recuperation is going slow and I’m trying to take it easy!