Westfield Police and College keg parties

Are the police just that good in Westfield Mass or what!

Posted in the Westfield evening news paper on Monday was a story about under age college students and their keg parties over the weekend. The short part of story that’s good and readable it from their blog the rest I scanned! So try and read the whole thing along with picture and try to guess how many kegs got impounded and how many parties got broken up and how many students. And let me know in the comment and see if you can figure it out I know I’m confused!

City police crash parties

WESTFIELD — City police moved proactively over the weekend to blunt disturbances caused by off-campus college-age parties during celebrations of “Spring Weekend” by Westfield State University students, serving a total of five warrants at college-age residences on Shepard and Mechanic streets to quash parties where an admission price had been paid in return for alcohol provided at the parties.
Det. Lt. David Ragazzini said “The purpose of the warrants was the illegal sale of alcohol” at the parties where access to alcohol was provided with the price of admission.
Det. Sgt. Ray Manos reported that community policing officer Steven Nacewicz learned of plans for a large party on Friday evening, at which liquor would be sold, and applied for search warrants for two apartments at a Shepard Street address. …

keg w1 001keg w2 001keg-1keg-2keg-3

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