First timer Sam

If you haven’t read the about page on my blog, you would wonder why this would be the first time that I toured Samuel Adams. Well for something that I’ve been enjoying since early 80’s and the reason why I have a taste for good brews why now. Let’s get deeper into the story, I am almost chosen as a stem cell donor for my oldest brother. More tests were needed, and I had to return to Boston on Wednesday For those tests. And being alone and didn’t seem like there was much to do at work. I had chosen to skip going back for a few hours. I hunted down Boston beer Works in Jamaica Plain’s and got to get in on the last tour of the day. It’s in a bunch of sprawled out brick buildings all marked in letters. Located in one of the larger ones, still it doesn’t look very big compared to some breweries I’ve been to. Even though our tour host Michael did say that they brew at two other locations in the United States. He did say though that all new and test brew batches were done here. It was a great tour with tasting of all the grains raw and smelling the hops that we rolled between our hands. With a little miss hap that happen in the brightening tanks, it sprang a leek that they took care of it. And these were the guys that you see on their website and commercials. I do believe the biggest known one with the beard is Bill he fixed the problem. At the end of the tour we got a free Sam Adams sampling glass, and got to try three of their fresh brews. First was the famous lager, then the summer ale, topped off with brick red. The tour was very good, and Michael had told us that if we went to Doyle’s and showed the stamp on our hand, that pints were four dollars and for 5 you got a souvenir glass. After finding out that the brick red was only made in kegs for tap. I had to check Doyle’s out on the ride home, and got the brick red and got the glass. While they are, I met up with someone from the tour named Denial from Texas and had a very good conversation with him. The tour was free, but they did ask for donations for their charities. I was glad to contribute a few bucks. If in the Boston area do check it out! At 30 Germania Street, Boston, MA 02130

for Sam Adam’s photos click on album below. for Doyle’s its the second one.

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