Puerto Rico and beer

The wife and I went on a reunion- vacation to Puerto Rico March 21-28. Focusing more on her 40 year reunion, the beer hunting was slight. I did find a local brew Medalla Light. That was pretty good for a light beer and 85° temperatures we had. Also had a few Heinekens during our stay. It wasn’t till about time for us to start heading back home that I found the Ramey mini market. They had a fairly good selection of micro brews that you could find back in the states. We had arrived early for our flight back home. We decided to go across the street to the 300 lounge. Which is situated in the corner of bowling lanes? After deciding three times on brews and they check but were out of. I finally got lucky with a Maui Big Swell IPA and Harpoon Celtic Ale. Other than the cold weather and having to go back to work. It’s great to be back stateside.

P.S. most beer there was in 10oz cans and bottles!

IMG_0288 IMG_0289

DSCI0281 IMG_0373

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