Super Moon Saturday

Night of the Super Moon meant road trip. So the whole Badass family went to the Old Forge for diner and a country ride to check both out. The moon was awesome just coming up at about 8pm with the color of tangerine. I know that the sight with our eyes would be better than a picture, but we took a few any ways! Old Forge was packed even at this late time of night. They had a band down stairs because of St Patrick’s Day. Of there 17 taps I had a Peak Organic Simcoe® Spring Ale, and O’Hara’s Irish Stout both very good when having the wings that they are famous for. This was the first time for the daughter who liked the Abita Purple Haze, the better half had Julius Echter Hefe and Harpoon “something?” Little bad ass is well known and pampered like me here! It was a super moon Saturday to remember next one is in 2039 and hope to still be kicking then to! Thanks Old Forge.

IMG_0234[1] IMG_0229[1]

DSCI0112 IMG_0408

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